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luxury vinyl tile

Sourcing Superior Luxury Vinyl Tile in Biloxi, MS

luxury vinyl tile in biloxi, msInvesting in new floors should be an assurance of value. You deserve the confidence of knowing that you’re getting a favorable deal on materials that can stand the test of time and provide you with the comfort and style you expect from today’s best-in-class manufacturers. That’s why Rhodes Flooring America was founded-- to deliver on the promise of attractive, home-enhancing products that our customers can trust for their projects.

One of the materials that we’ve found the most success with is our luxury vinyl tile in Biloxi, MS. Though often billed as a point of compromise, the reality of this modern flooring option is that it provides beauty, versatility, and value, all in one unique package. Getting the best results when using it only requires a firm grounding in the benefits and applications it provides--knowledge that’s available to you at our store.

Visualizing Your Ideal Vinyl

Every successful project begins with a solid conception. When you shop at our showroom, you’ll see our incredible vinyl in high-performance lighting, giving you the chance to familiarize yourself with the final look you’ll get by choosing it. In addition, our highly trained team of veteran flooring experts can guide you to specific brands and styles based on your needs.

All of this culminates in a buying experience that’s centered on one thing: finding you luxury vinyl tiles that can accomplish your design vision. Our assistance means spending less time struggling to locate and compare relevant product options, and more time focusing on the flooring you need to make the most of your space.

Discover a Defining Look

Luxury vinyl flooring is a wise choice. That is because it does more for you, for less. With a friendlier price tag and far fewer upkeep requirements than the materials it successfully emulates, such as hardwood and stone, an LVT floor is your pathway to upscale style with an owner-friendly experience.

By using high-resolution vinyl textures, you can enjoy:

  • Authentic Replications of Natural Flooring
  • Heating and Cooling Benefits
  • A Comfortable Walking Surface
  • Straightforward Installation
  • Supreme Customizability

If you want to know more before you make such a significant investment; just reach out or us or stop by to share your questions with people who have authoritative answers based on our deep familiarity with luxury vinyl tile floors. We can even help you find stylish area rugs to enhance the finished look of your room.


Contact us today to explore an extensive inventory of luxury vinyl products. We proudly serve Biloxi, Ocean Springs, D’lberville, and Mississippi City, Mississippi, as well as the surrounding areas.


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