Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

Utilizing Our Wood Look Tile in Biloxi, MS

Wood look tile in Biloxi, MSIf you’re looking for a great-looking, easy to maintain alternative to natural hardwood, visit Rhodes Flooring America. Our wood look tile in Biloxi, MS, offers the style you love and the durability of modern manufacturing. Add a classic aesthetic to almost any area of your home with a material that’s water-resistant and available in nearly limitless design options--giving you more value, more freedom, and more ways to reimagine your space during a remodeling or renovation project.

At our showroom, you can explore the latest products from today’s top manufacturers and pick out the best flooring for your needs. To help with the process, our team of talented tile experts provides guidance and in-depth information that can help you choose between popular ceramic and porcelain wood tile offerings. For exceptional taste and devoted customer care, our store is the name to know.

The Tile Advantage

As timeless and attractive as natural wood is, it has limitations that our tile can help you overcome. For example, a room with high levels of moisture, like a bathroom or a kitchen, isn’t an ideal environment for wood planks. Over time, they expand and contract, causing warping that sends your flooring investment down the drain. Tile, on the other hand, resists water and can be installed without worrying about location.

That’s not the only advantage it offers. Both our wood plank ceramic tile and its porcelain counterpart provide:

  • Heating & Cooling Benefits
  • Broad Design Freedom
  • Easy Cleaning

On top of the universal strong points of tile in general, each variant comes with unique draws. Porcelain tends to be more durable and better at resisting water while ceramic is easier to cut, making it adaptable for complex projects. The best part? You can compare both in one place--our showroom.

Your Premier Flooring Headquarters

When you’re ready to get started on your flooring project, our store is the first stop on the path toward success. We’re here to provide comprehensive support for every part of the shopping process. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll have access to information about both porcelain and ceramic wood tile, as well as a wealth of knowledge about our entire expansive inventory.

With our help, you can get all the materials you need and feel confident about every aspect of your flooring upgrade. From talking through your vision to providing the perfect area rug to complete the final look, our team is completely dedicated to delivering satisfying service.


Contact us now to discuss the details of your project with flooring design experts who have the right experience to offer in-depth advice. We proudly serve Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, D'Iberville, and Mississippi City, Mississippi, as well as the surrounding areas.


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